Fabricio García

Training center "La Luisa"
Lobos, Buenos Aires.

Joaquín López

Training center "La Esterlina"
Colón, Buenos Aires.

Alfonso Luis

Training center "Las Coloradas"
25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires.

Ariel Bonilla

Training center "Mi Pasión"
Villa Mercedes, San Luís.

Manuel Vismara

Training center "Santa Inés"
San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires.

Esteban Magnano

Training center "El Descanso"
Río Cuarto, Córdoba.

Seeking excellence,
we found it in teamwork.

"To hide ourselves from the savage bands,
On the face of the open plain,
We’d hunt around till some place we found
To pitch a sheltered camping-ground,
And there we’d lie till the darkness carne,
To take up the trail again."

Martín Fierro

This text is an excerpt from "Martín Fierro", written in 1872 by José Hernández.
It is one of our most celebrated works of poetry.
If you would like to read it in its entirety, you can download it here.