Pre-bid and Sale
Terms and Conditions

Términos y Condiciones en Castellano

November 22nd 2023

The auction will be livestreamed starting at 7:30 PM Argentine time (GTM-3) through the platform

The products for sale will be accessible for interested parties to review and inspect from Wednesday, November 15th, at the Los Pingos del Taita facilities in Lagunas del Polo, Gral. Rodríguez.

Online Pre-bids

Pre-bids will be accepted from November 15th to November 21st until 8 PM on the platform

The final bid (the highest) is the one that enters the auction, serving as the opening bid for the lot and becoming its first bid during the live auction. Pre-bidders will enjoy special benefits.

Pre-bids benefits

Winners of pre-bids will receive discounts of 5% and 10%.

The first and last bid on each lot will receive a 10% bonus if the pre-bidder becomes the buyer. Other pre-bidders will receive a 5% bonus if they become the buyer.

Discounts are not cumulative.

Direct Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the online pre-bidding process, feel free to contact our virtual assistant on the website at ou can find the virtual assistant at the bottom right of the page.

You can also contact us at the following phone number:

Los Pingos del Taita Team
Maria Perea Muñoz +54 9 (11) 5604-1838

BidBit Team
Online Assistance: +54 9 (11) 3793-1489

How do I register for pre-bidding?

  1. Visit the 2023 Domadores Auction on
  2. Click on "INICIAR SESIÓN" (Log In) at the top right and enter your email and password.
  3. If you're not registered, click on "REGISTRO" (Register). For more detailed instructions, please consult BitBid User Manual.
  4. Upon registration, await approval for participation. This process may take a few minutes, and you will receive an email once your participation authorization is granted.
  5. Once authorized, explore and click on the lots that interest you, and proceed to place your pre-bid.

You can mark your favorite horses by clicking the heart icon on the lot's photo.

If your bid is exceeded, you'll be notified via email and WhatsApp. You can then submit a new winning bid. It's crucial to register with your complete mobile number to utilize this function effectively.

For any registration or bidding concerns, seek assistance from the virtual assistant located at the bottom right. We're here to assist you!

Can I pre-bid on more than one lot at a time?

Certainly, you can select as many as you're interested in. We suggest designating them as favorites and subsequently clicking the green "VER FAVORITOS" (View Favorites) button. This way, the filter will exclusively display the lots you've marked as favorites.

If I make a mistake when bidding, where do I contact?

In the event of a bidding error, you can contact our virtual assistant directly on the website or through the provided phone numbers. We're here to assist you.

When do the early bids close?

The early bidding concludes at 8 PM Argentine time (GTM-3) on Tuesday, November 21st, starting with Lot 1. Following the completion of each lot, the subsequent lots will close 2 minutes after the previous one.

All lots will close on the final day of pre-bids (Tuesday, November 21st), sequentially and and with staggered timing. This ensures that those who did not secure pre-bids have the opportunity to bid on other lots of interest.

Importan! - Pre-bids closure

If bids are submitted within the last 2 minutes before the closing of a lot, the system will automatically extend the closing time for that lot by an additional 2 minutes from the moment the bid is received. This allows the previous bidder the option to place another pre-bid.

A lot with an extended closing will conclude when 2 minutes have elapsed without any new bids, with subsequent lots being extended to maintain a 2-minute time difference between each one.

Are the bids in US dollars?

Yes, for practicality, bids are in US dollars to accommodate buyers from various countries. Purchases must also be settled in this currency.

Which are the payment conditions?

Payment for products purchased in this auction will be in cash, and the currency of transaction will be US dollars.

In addition to the price, what other fees will I have to pay?

As customary for auctions of this nature, the buyer is obligated to cover the auction commission (7%). Additionally, any applicable taxes or fees dependent on the transaction will be the responsibility of the buyer. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us directly at: +54 9 (11) 5604-1838

When do I pick up the horse(s) I bought?

The day following the auction, any buyer who is a client of the house can collect the horse at Los Pingos del Taita stables in Lagunas del Polo.

New clients must settle the total purchase amount before picking up the horse(s).